YouTube Music for TVs new features with new player UI

With the release of the new Google Chromecast, Google is now doubling down on their Android TV experience, which they need renamed to Google TV on this device and other devices launching within the future. Despite the rebranding, all of your favorite Android TV apps will continue performing on the new Chromecast with Google TV, but many of them will get updates to match the new experience. One app that’s getting this treatment today is YouTube Music, Google’s music streaming service that was launched for TVs this past July, with a way needed revamp that brings it more in line with the mobile version of the app.

YouTube Music

“Wherever our YouTube Music users go, we want to be right there with them,” according to a company blog announcement. “Whether it’s taking a long drive or relaxing at home, YouTube Music has the perfect soundtrack for discovering and listening to your favorite music.”

Youtube Music Launched in 2015 and poised to take the throne as Google’s only streaming song service.

YouTube Music is already available on various platforms—from smart displays and Google Maps to Google Home and Nest speakers. But there’s always room to grow.

Since the launch of YouTube Music in the YouTube app on TVs this past July, we’ve been eagerly listening to your feedback and continue working hard to provide the best experience possible, the team said, teasing additional features for those running the Android TV OS (including new Chromecast with Google TV).

YouTube Music TV

New features was add to YT Music for TVs

  • Access your uploads: Upload songs to your YouTube Music library from your computer, and access them on the large screen.
  • Listen to and appear on TV: The new playback interface currently contains information (such as the song and creator’s name) and a progress bar during music playback.
  • Browse music on the home screen: On devices with an Android TV home screen, you will see a brand new YouTube music line to help you find the next song-from the old classic to the new hot.

“These new features are just the beginning”, the blog boasted. We’re working hard to bring even more features to YouTube Music, like the mobile-friendly option to continue playing music in the background after exiting the app. Devices running Android TV OS will automatically upgrade from Google Play Music to YouTube Music; everybody else will transfer the applying now.

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