Wonder Women in the Gaming Industry

Talk about an industry that is inclusive! Many women are part and parcel of the gaming industry. They are there in the middle of it all playing, designing, writing and cosplaying for the love of it all.

Below are some of the women who have made strides in the gaming industry Wonder-Woman style.

Natacha Jones

During her campus years, Jones was the organiser and producer of King of the North, a massive esports tournament in the United Kingdom. Young, with a promising future, she has not disappointed as she continues to produce games actively and be an activist in the industry.

Roberta Williams

She founded Sierra Entertainment and is a game designer who was there at the beginning when video games began as a form of entertainment. Her company has designed King’s Quest, a game loved by both old age and new age gamers.

Jorien Van Der Heijden aka Sheever

A respected esport webcaster, Sheever, was known during her time as a Wow and Dota player and has been interviewing and hosting players from around the world on her channel. She is currently fighting breast cancer and has received overwhelming support from her fans around the world.

Brie Code

With a moniker such as Code, it is no wonder that she has an endless list of achievements in the gaming industry. She led the programming of Child of Light and Assassin’s Creed. She writes and speaks on the gaming industry and in her spare time, she consults on new game creations.

Stephanie Harvey aka Miss Harvey

Miss Harvey is a World-renowned esport player with over five world championships under her belt. While not training and competing aside, Miss Harvey will be developing games or standing up for the rights of women in Canada.

Julia “Juliano” Kiran

Juliano is a lady who leads a fierce pack of female gamers known as Dynasty. They are not to be messed with when they enter the arena, that is one thing for sure.

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