Which Bulk Candy and Gum Products Can I Sell In My Vending Machines?

Fortunately, there are a variety of items that can be sold in Bulk Vending machines. Finding the right products are essential to a successful home based vending business.

Bulk GUM and Bulk Gumballs

The most popular item with the best profit margin is gumballs. The exception to this is if you have “speciality” gum which can be as expensive as candy. Generally Gum will yield a cost-per-vend of around 2 cents per Gumball with “Chickle” gum over a penny more. This may not sound like much until you figure gas, charity or commissions to the business owner, loans on the machines, etc. Your “quarter” can quickly dilute to a dime after you take out your expenses. Bulk Gum can also include “Chicklets” or “Chickles” Tab Gum which is an especially good seller in shops with lots of men.

Bulk Toys, 1″ and 2″ Toy Capsules

Another category of items you can sell are toys. Sometimes vendors forget that these can be very profitable even though your net profit (profit after paying for product and other business costs) may be lower than candy and gum. Just be sure your machine has the correct “wheel” or mechanism which will allow you to correctly dispense the toys without jamming or not giving product for a sale. Bulk toys include “bouncy balls” or rubber balls too.

A business with a high volume of customers with children is the best suited place for your toy machines. I have even put them in courthouses and other public places that you wouldn’t typically think of as good for toy vending.

Bulk Candy Vending

What about CANDY? Most vendors are using Runts, Skittles, M&M Peanuts, Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike’s, Reeses Pieces, and Boston Baked Beans. Most of these can be purchased at Sam’s Clubs and other warehouse chains. Be careful about ordering candy online unless you are ordering in large cases and you have checked out the prices.

Bulk NUTS, Including Peanuts and Cashews

This is not a favorite of mine, but it can be done profitably with high volume and cheaper nuts like peanuts and maybe a few cashews mixed in. Again, you’ve got to know how much it costs you to vend it (see related article).

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