WhatsApp Will Offer In-App Purchases and Cloud Hosting

Facebook is now seriously looking for ways to make money from WhatsApp through in-app purchases and the cloud. Facebook revealed in a blog that they will provide these services because it is working hard to increase revenue. This social network was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion 6 years ago, and it seems that it is time for them to recoup their investment.

The company said they will expand the way people check out available products and make purchases directly through chat. This sounds like a classic in-app purchase, and they want to make it easier for companies to integrate these features. Another interesting news is the Facebook hosting service. They will provide businesses with new options for managing WhatsApp messages through managed services. The company hopes to make it easier for small and medium-sized companies to sell products, keep inventory up to date and respond quickly to news.

WhatsApp Will Offer Purchases to Boost Revenue

According to Reuters, WhatsApp’s chief operating officer Matt Idema said in an interview that the shopping tool will be launched this year and message hosting will be available in 2021. , The charge for each message ranges from 0.5 cents to 9 cents.

In total, more than 175 million people interact with a business each day on WhatsApp, Idema said.

“The revenue is small today, by comparison to Facebook at large, but we think the opportunity is pretty big,” he said.

WhatsApp also stated that they will charge business customers for certain services they provide, which will help WhatsApp continue to build a business that connects more than 2 billion people.

Currently, WhatsApp revealed that more than 175 million people have sent messages to WhatsApp Business accounts. They also said that their research shows that people are more willing to send messages to businesses for help and are more likely to make purchases when possible. Obviously, Facebook believes that WhatsApp has many growth opportunities in this area, which is why they expand by releasing these tools.


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