How to run sound mp3 from keyboard shortcut (press and play)

Sometimes you need to run sound or music faster as you can, so using keyboard is the best free way to do that.
you only need a keyboard and the soundboard small free software and the mp3 file you want to play from one button! soundboard is a computer software that lets you play many audio clips quickly; you can customize a specific key or multi key (keyboard shortcut) to run mp3 or WAV (Audio).

The best free soundboard

There are a variety of soundboard software and we will pick the best free and easy to use one:

  1. DCSB
death counter soundboard

DCSB death counter sound board is the best free and open-source soundboard. You can select mp3 and WAV you want to play sound and select shortcut from keyboard to run it.
DCSB easy to use and you can select specific button to run/play the sound, and also you can select the input and output from the software directly if you want to run sound through virtual cable or another mic.

  1. voicemeeter banana soundboard

voicemeteer banana soundboard is a little bit advanced and you can use your android mobile phone screen as buttons, voicemeeter banana is free to use (donationware) but the android software needs in-app purchase.
when I use banana soundbourd the sound is pretty laggy while using mp3 format in WAV lag is less.

  1. EXP Soundboard

EXP Soundboard is free and open-source software like DCSB,

A soundboard that supports most MP3s and WAVs. Sounds are often triggered with custom keyboard hot-keys and played through up to 2 outputs. i.e. Your speakers and a virtual audio cable.

  • Easy to use soundboard app, allows soundboards to be saved.
  • Play sounds through a virtual audio cable and still be ready to hear them through your speakers.
  • Includes converter tool for converting almost any audio file into a compatible one.

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How to run music from keyboard

play music from keyboard shortcut using free soundboard

  1. download free soundboard

    you can choose one of the best free soundboard that we have mentioned above.

  2. Run soundboard

    after download soundboard you have to run it as administrator

  3. convert media to mp3 or wav

    you need to convert your media (video or sound) to mp3 or WAV those formats that software support.

  4. add sound to soundboard

    form ‘+’ you can add your sound from any folder you want. if your folder or portion encrypted be sure to decrypted it or type password if you using bitlocker.

  5. add shortcut!

    select your shortcut from keyboard, press ‘…’ in key section and press any of keyboard key (you can press multi keys).

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