How to run android apps for pc – best way to install android on pc

Android offers many apps and games, and that’s cool thing to run android apps for pc, you can install APK on your PC easily or mirror your mobile if you want.
So there is 3 essential ways to use android apps on your PC (use emulator – use operating system OS – use mobile mirror).

Android apps for PC — emulator.

In our opinion android emulator is the best and fastest way to run android apps on your PC, you can use your main OS (Windows) parallel with android OS. You can do that by installs android emulator like bluestacks or smartgaga.
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After installing emulator you can install APK on PC by drag and drop, and you can also download apk direct from emulator browser or play store that’s embedded in emulator.

android emulator for pc

Install android on PC – android OS for PC.

Android is free and open source OS, If you are looking for something a touch more full-featured you can easily install android ISO like your windows or Linux, you can use free android OS for pc android x85 that’s pure android or use modified versions like Bliss OS or remix OS.

The Android-x86 project gets you as close as you’ll get to true Android on your PC. Android-x86 is an open-source project that ports Android to the x86 platform, allowing you to run it on your computer rather than an ARM-based phone or tablet.

Android apps for PC

To run Android-x86, you’ve got a few of options. If you would like to run Android on its own, as a desktop OS for your PC, you’ll download it as an ISO disc image and burn it to a USB drive with a program like Rufus. Then, insert that USB drive into the PC in question, reboot, and enter the boot menu

By booting from your Android-x86 USB drive, you’ll either be ready to run Android during a live environment—without having any effect on your PC—or install it to your PC’s disk drive for permanent usage (and better performance).

Alternatively, if you would like to run Android-x86 on top of your existing OS, you’ll download the disc image and run it inside VirtualBox.
The official site has some tips for getting Android-x86 up and running during a virtual machine also. It’s more work than using something like BlueStacks, but it is also closer to pure Android, which may be a nice perk.

use mobile mirror.

This way you can use if you want to make a tutorial or show what in your mobile screen to your computer (like game play in a mobile).
This way is fast, and doesn’t recommend good PC even.

You can use Microsoft software ‘Your Phone’ to mirror your phone if you use galaxy, If not you can use free and open source scrcpy and you can mirror phone wireless or use USB cable.

mobile mirror scrcpy

This isn’t always the perfect solution. If you’re looking to play games, this might accompany some delay, and graphical blurriness, and you won’t be ready to easily share files from your PC on to an app in Android. Except for quick access to Android apps you have already got installed, it definitely works during a pinch.

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