Peanut Butter Reeses: Candy Vending Opportunity for Bulk Vendors

Peanut Butter Reeses, also known as “Reese’s Pieces”, is a good choice for candy vending machines. It is one of the least seldom used candies in my experience and is a good choice for the popular Vendstar 3000 candy machine among others. Vendstar 3000 candy vendors should already know that these machines work best with non-gooey candy or product of similar sizes like the Reese’s. If you take the proper care with handling the candy, it usually works fine in a location provided your machine doesn’t get knocked over very often.

Peanut Butter Reeses Cost to Fill a Candy Vending Machine

This product can be costly to initially fill your candy vending machine, upwards of $15-$18 per head using the current price at Sam’s Club of just under $6 a bag. It takes 3 full bags normally to fill a machine. Some machines may be slightly smaller or larger, but a good estimate would be 2 1/2 to 3 bags for Vendstar 3000 machines, Beaver candy machines, and Northwestern machines. Other candy vending machines such as 1-800 Machines, Oak machines, and Triple vend machines should also be similar in size to the 1st three I have mentioned.

Even though it takes $18 roughly to fill a machine, if you give 11-12 per vend, you still make a very good profit in your machine. Reeses Pieces therefore are one of my favorites in my candy vending machines.

Appeal of Peanut Butter Reeses

These candies seem to really appeal to ladies who seem to pick this candy as I am locating machines about 6-7 times out of 10 when I give them a list of bulk vending candies. Men like this selection as well. This choice is good to replace M&M; Peanuts in a location while still providing the “peanut” taste to customers. The Reese’s Pieces have a much longer shelf life compared to M&M; Peanuts which is another real plus of this bulk candy.

Peanut Butter Reese’s Vending Tips

1. Be very careful when handling individual bags as the candy chips and flakes very easily.
2. If a machine is knocked over, the candy will crack and look bad. The best thing is to replace the candy and start over. Your sales will justify doing this.
3. Don’t let the candy get too hot either in the machine or during transport in your vehicle. They will become soft inside and melt together.
4. Watch for ants which seem especially to be attracted to this candy in summer and spring.
5. The best place to buy these candies normally is at Sam’s Club or a comparable place like Costco.

Peanut Butter Reeses can be a real goldmine for the bulk vending candy machine operator. If you have not tried this kind of candy, it is well worth it. I highly encourage all Vendstar 3000 owners to make this a regular choice in your machines in most locations. Granted a few locations it will not work for, but I almost always have this in my Vendstar 3000 machines on location. This selection coupled with gum is a good combination to start out with in a location. Don’t overlook this great product in your candy vending.

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