How to Using The Wet-Dry Shop

Wet-dry shop vacuums are a reasonably common household item, but most users do not know how to use it effectively, sometimes when misused, it is easy to cause a motor fire. The article summarizes the usage tips as well as shows the illegal use to avoid damage to the device.

Do not wait for the dust container to be full

Although some vacuum cleaners have a “dust bag inspection” indicator, you should check and replace the new dust bag yourself (new wet-dry shop vacuum using the dust bag) or take it out (with the machine using a box) when it is found to be about 3/4 full. This will help the wet-dry shop vacuum more efficient, more power-efficient, and more durable because it will not have to exert effort when vacuuming. You can verify this: when the dust bag is full, the air in the machine is hard to circulate, and the device is hot. Using a bag less vacuum cleaner is easier to clean than a bag type.

Pay attention to clean the dust filter regularly

You will not adequately remove dust particles as well as dirt if the dust filter is clogged with dirt. You do not need to change filters as often as with dust filters but require frequent cleaning.

Some wet-dry shop vacuums use disposable filters, meaning that when the screen is dirty or torn, you will have to change another. The reusable filter, you can wash it with warm water mixed with some dishwashing liquid to remove dirt and film.

It would help if you bought the machine that comes with a HEPA filter or S-class filter. This type of filter has a high antibacterial effect and has excellent dust filtration quality, limiting dust back to the environment.

Proper use of different nozzles in different suction areas

Usually, the wet-dry shop vacuum comes with a set of suction heads, so you should change the nose to suit the location where you are vacuuming. Most vacuum cleaners have a combined floor suction table, which allows vacuuming on hard floors or carpets, press the pegs on the suction table to select the appropriate suction mode. See the notation on the floor suction table for the suction mode to use: when sucking hard floors, the fibers of the brush will be extended on the back of the suction table, which will shorten when vacuuming.

Small brush-shaped nozzle often used to vacuum the corners and walls, on items such as bookshelves, TV shelves. You can also use this nozzle to remove dust from the wall.

Another nozzle with a narrow tube format can also be used to suck openings or tight places where suction tables cannot be inserted. This nozzle can also be used to suck hard objects but take care not to pick up large, sharp objects.

Note that always turn off the machine before replacing the nozzle.

Collect the power cord properly

Wet-dry shop vacuums usually have quite long electrical coils so that users can easily pull the machine away from the electrical outlet. When using the device, you should unplug all the wires. If left in the engine will cause heat for both the motor and the cord. When retracting the cable, you do take care to hold the short piece of string with your hand and press the button for the receiver to slowly, to avoid having holes.

Do not use the wet-dry shop vacuum for more than 2 hours

Every time you smoke, you should only turn on the machine for 3-4 minutes, turn off the computer for a while, and then turn on again to avoid continuous smoking. Doing so will cause the motor of the device to overheat, resulting in an electrical leak. In the process of vacuuming, seeing signs of vacuum nozzle clogged should disconnect the power, disassemble the nose, clean, and then clean the machine to continue.

Do not use the vacuum cleaner malfunction

You do not abuse the features of the vacuum cleaner, but use heavy vacuums such as gravel, wet concrete pebbles will clog the straw, making the machine inoperable, so long longer susceptible to fire. As well, you do not use a wet-dry shop vacuum that often comes out to suck mud or liquid.

Vacuum cleaners have a small capacity, so you can only vacuum in an area, some machines only vacuum dry, also want to suck up the liquid on the floor you have to buy a wet-dry shop vacuum with both dry and wet. If the dry vacuum cleaner costs from 1.5 to 3.5 million VND / unit, the dry-wet vacuum cleaner costs from 3.3-18 million VND / unit.

Choose a wet-dry shop vacuum with a large suction capacity

When buying a vacuum cleaner, you should be aware of the suction capacity of the machine. Most electronics stores usually only record the power consumption, not the suction power. For families with a moderate area only used to vacuum regularly, you can choose machines with a capacity of 1000W – 1600W. For houses with a larger area, the selection that selects the power of the device ranging from 1800W – 2200W. Primarily, you should also test your suction power before buying. We should pick a tool with a suction capacity of 300W or more.

Limit dust to the house

To limit the amount of dust that gets into your home, you do place a doormat at the entrance of your home and change it often. Separate indoor slippers should be used on each floor; do not wear a pair of sandals throughout the stories because it will collect dust and dirt from one area to another. Moreover, it would help if you vacuumed furniture, drapes, and windowsills regularly.

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Schedule a wet-dry shop vacuum

A weekly vacuum schedule is required for the entire house. Areas where many people have gone frequently access and common space more often. If you have pets, such as cats and dogs, you must vacuum daily. It would be best if you used a combination of a handheld vacuum and a regular vacuum. The handheld vacuum cleaner will help you quickly and easily clean in areas that need daily cleaning. Otherwise, you will be very “afraid” to remove the vacuum cleaner. The large-capacity vacuum cleaner will be used weekly or every two weeks to vacuum the entire house.

Handling stains before smoking, do not sweep on small objects

With stains sticking to it, you have to use a brush to clean it. If you want to sweep in any minute, fragile items, do not use a machine with a large capacity, because it can roll small objects into the machine. When the engine runs, it will create a breeze, if vacuuming clinging to electrical circuits or computers, piano, organ … you do not let the nozzle touch the machine.

In conclusion

Above, I have introduced you to some tips on how to use the vacuum cleaner to make it durable, beautiful, and most effective. Also, I show you how to preserve the vacuum during use. Hopefully, through this article, you will gain more useful experience for using a wet-dry shop vacuum in your work.

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