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There are many resources available which will help you define areas you need to develop as a business person.  The mistake many people make is only studying resources directly related to their field.  I have listed below some of my favorite authors and some highlights I received to make me a more effective leader in my home-based business:

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series.

  No doubt you have heard of Robert.  His books did more for me than any other single resource.  The first book I read  was Retire Young, Retire Rich followed by the original book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  The most important thing I learned was how to buy assets to put money in my pocket.  This information led to me to understand how Bulk Vending Machines could profit me even while I still had a full-time job.  We also bought and sold several key pieces of real estate that added greatly to our net worth.  Our net worth tripled over about a 3 year period. 

John Maxwell, Author of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

  John is a powerful teacher of leadership principles.  The 21 Laws book is his best work in my opinion.  He also has books and materials on dealing and working with people.  This is a must if you are going to have a great business for the long term.  I highly recommend his materials.  He also has a monthly audio coaching program which is very good.

Brian Tracy, motivational speaker and author.

  Brian has written several books which have helped me define different areas I have needed to work on.  Some of the titles I’ve personally read and recommend are: Million Dollar Habits, Change Your Thinking Change Your Life, Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success, Goals!, Focal Point, and The Psychology of Selling.

In selecting books to build you as a person, I recommend several things to help you:  One, visit bookstores often and spend quality time reading through books before you purchase it.  Grab an espresso to make your experience better!  Two, pay attention to what books / materials you quickly connect with.  It’s a clue which tells you that information is needed.  Three, consider Audio books.  I learned the most with this resource.  Most of the Rich Dad series were purchased on audio.  Four, turn your car into a school of leadership.  Let your commutes become times of learning how to do business and increase your bottom line.

In a later article, I will detail more authors that have greatly influenced me to be a better person and leader in the area of business so check back soon.

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